'All We Need Is Love' Installation

All We Need is Love, Manish Arora, St+art Mumbai 2017

In December 2017 we returned to the iconic Jindal Mansion for a collaboration with one of the most celebrated artists and designers of the country - Manish Arora. The installation used 2000 circular hoops layered with fabric, which all came together to form a heart as away to propagate a message of love.

Work in progress for 'All We Need Is Love', by Manish Arora for St+art Mumbai 2017. A culmination of 6 months of ideation and the collective work of 35 artisans, the installation took around 3 months to be executed. Being all about joy, colour and celebration, it entailed close to 2400 pieces of cloth sourced from all over the country - both hand-embroidered and printed, being stitched together to create its final look.

In a time where messages of conflict and negativity seem to dominate news cycles, Manish Arora wanted to remind people
that love connects us all and is the essence of humanity. The Jindal Mansion, which is on Pedder Road, is traversed by thousands of people everyday, provided the perfect location for the installation.

The installation aimed to encourage passers-by to stop and take notice of the beauty in the world, and spread ideas and messages of love. It was on display for 2 weeks in December 2017.