Around the City

Cut-out Project

The project provided a chance for cultural exchange between the southern states, while directing the spotlight towards everyday Goan stories.

For St+art Goa 2017, designer and visual artist Hanif Kureshi conceptualised a series of 7 large scale portraits of local Goans that were positioned strategically in locations across the city.

Taking inspiration from the larger-than-life cut-out poster culture of Tamil Nadu and neighbouring states, the project celebrated archetypal Goan people through a medium that is usually reserved for famous personalities.

Celebrated at one point, poster culture is increasingly on the wane and most poster artists have lost their livelihood with the arrival of digital printing.

For the project, Sarast created the cut-outs in his Bangalore studio, which were brought to Goa and assembled onsite. The project enticed various reactions from passers-by, mainly since such a grand celebration of commoners wasn't something the city had witnessed before.

Tourist on the beach, 'Phool waali', and Shivanand