'India Pop' - an urban journey from India's past to the future

'India Pop' was created as an interactive journey through different facets of Indian popular culture, undertaken through a series of three installations put up at the Palladium Mall in Chennai.

Over the years, Palladium Mall has hosted a variety of initiatives to encourage and enable artistic expression, emerging as a frontrunner in showcasing works by contemporary Indian artists.

As part of St+art Chennai, we activated distinct urban art interventions at the site for three weeks. While bringing a unique art experience to Chennai's citizens, the collaboration also served to connect two geographically distant parts of the city and reintroduce the area of Kannagi Nagar to its residents.

Saurashtra - Hanif Kureshi x Shiva Nallaperumal

A great number of Indian scripts today are endangered and on the verge of extinction, and ‘Sourashtra’ - an Indo-Aryan script spoken majorly in Gujarat and Tamil Nadu, is one of them. ‘Saurashtra’ - the neon installation, was created by typographers and artists Hanif Kureshi (Gujarat) and Shiva Nallaperumal (Tamil Nadu), as an attempt to investigate their linguistic roots, as well as understand the roots of our expansive country by tracking lost fonts and scripts.

The Travelling Photo Studio - Hanif Kureshi x Prof. Jyotindra Jain

Set in the modern world, the Travelling Photo Studio was an attempt to acquaint today’s youth with a widespread cultural phenomenon from India’s past - that of making images in a studio setting. Repurposing images from ‘indian popular culture’ by eminent art historian Prof. Jyotindra Jain, the piece presented them in a traditional photo studio format, hand-painted by artists Kafeel and Trivendram.

India Unfiltered - Akshat Nauriyal x Marc Lee

With unprecedented and ever-increasing access to mobile phones and the internet, India’s young generation is growing up in the midst of a digital revolution, with cyberspace hosting the unfiltered thoughts of millions breaking the barriers of class, caste and gender. The audio-video immersive installation ‘India Unfiltered’ sought to showcase the influence of this digital accessibility and understand its impact on public consciousness, visual aesthetics, and identity structures.

On March 1st, the exhibition’s three expansive installations were inaugurated amidst a celebration of street culture, complete with a graffiti jam, b-boying, a participative stencilling workshop and an interactive panel discussion. These events - all spread across different sites at the mall, allowed visitors a hands-on and immersive engagement with some of the most prominent types of street art and culture.

A celebration of street culture to inaugurate India Pop, Palladium Mall, March 2020