Mahatama Gandhi at Churchgate Railway Station

Mahatma Gandhi at the Churchgate Railway Station, by Eduardo Kobra, Mumbai 2017

During St+art Mumbai 2017, Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra created a landmark on one of the most iconic locations in the city - the Churchgate Railway Station

The first station on the Western Railways suburban line, Churchgate is one of its busiest, visited by approximately 6 lakh people everyday. The location was chosen for its significance in the city’s cultural and historical landscape.

Eduardo Kobra is recognised all over the world for creating masterful tributes to historical leaders who have furthered the cause of global peace. Similar to his photorealistic portraits in other parts of the world, his mural in Mumbai celebrated the father of the nation - Mahatma Gandhi.

Eduardo Kobra at work, Churchgate Station, Mumbai, 2017. For the completion of the project, Kobra was assisted by 52 associates and technicians. Standing at an impressive 81 feet tall and 54 feet wide, the mural was completed over a span of 18 days

The mural was created as an adaptation of an image of Mahatma Gandhi getting down from a train, taken in the early 1940s by Kulwant Roy.

In 1893, Mahatma Gandhi was deported off a train in South Africa, a significant moment that initiated his life-long battle for civil rights and India’s freedom. The Railways were an integral part of India’s freedom struggle as they helped in connecting the different parts of the country, unifying the movement.

Through the mural, the artist hoped to convey a message of peace and harmony, while encouraging people to imbibe the values the Mahatma stood for.