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Maqhta Art District

‘Machli’ by Nandita, 2017 — When Nandita first saw the yellow lane, to her it seemed like a long narrow tunnel that was closing in on her. With scope for detailed work that would be viewed from a close range, the lane reminded her of aquarium tunnels. The surreal jelly-fish like forms floating through the space create a break from the monotony of everyday sightings in the region and break the rigidity of the narrow alley.
‘REALSURREAL’ by Avinash and Kamesh, 2017 — Avinash and Kamesh used elements on the wall depicting elements of Maqtha and Hyderabad. They depicted mountains, galaxy, under water, a human diving in, a cage, a pigeon , hen, a planet and building cubes. The mountains show Hyderabad with it's ups and downs; the galaxy points to the endless possibilities of life in Maqtha. The person diving in depicts diving into a sea of culture; the hen symbolizes the sunrise and the pigeon set free symbolizes the many overlapping cultural boundaries.
‘Juxtapose’ by Shiva & Ranga, 2017 — Upon walking around in Maqtha, @sculptorranga and @shiva couldn’t help but be in awe of the chaos and diversity of the neighborhood. It showcased a true sense of community among people from different walks of life, religions and cultures that coexist with such ease. The kids, goats, sounds of staple guns from the sofa making Karkhanas, prayers from the mosque and the wet road, added to the character of this unique place. Instead of creating anything figurative, @sculptorranga and @shiva, tried to present the element of surprise by juxtaposing a false perspective on the facade which, at first sight looks like a complex set of lines. On closer look one can see paths leading up, going down, turning right and left, and sometimes leading nowhere, just like Maqtha! The mural has been painted at the blue chowk of the Maqtha Art District, with straight lines to create an illusion of curves and an actual curvy line as only been used once around the central white arch.
‘The Shadow Wall’ by Hoozinc, 2017 — The shadow wall’ is located very close to the local school and because many children pass by, they wanted to do something interactive, something that is easily relatable to the old and young. While this wall is very bright and easy to understand the presence of geometric shadows in the work brings out new realism and perspective to the painting while maintaining its simplicity. It also is an attempt to encourage children to imitate the shadow or make a paper boat. They also wanted the kids to appreciate art and nature in seamless interaction with each other. To top it all, the drainage system of Maqtha is never under control and that makes it perfect for the duck and boat to swim in.
‘In the Heart of Maqtha’ by Varun Vedavyas, 2017 — For the Maqtha Art District in Hyderabad, Varun Vedvyas painted gold on ultramarine blue to make the mural look more elegant when it shines in sunlight, making the surroundings seem royal. He uses the technique of Kufesque to imitate the Kufic script for a decorative purpose. Visually, it resembles a maze within which you have to find your path, just like the streets in the neighborhood.
‘Untitled’ by Harithpuram, 2017 — Harith Puram's practice revolves around the spaces we occupy in our daily lives. Based on a sensitive investigation of the world we live in, he draws a comparison between nature and growing urbanization, which he sees as a threat and not a process of development and evolution. Through this work, he tries to talk about the rampant urbanization that is taking over the city and expresses himself through natural elements like the bird's nest, bringing our attention to the damage done to the local flora and fauna.
‘Untitled’ by Swati & Vijay, 2017 — Here is a quick, yet eloquent piece by Swathi&Vijay in the pink gully of the #Maqthaartdistrict. While perusing the streets of the neighborhood, Swathi & Vijay observed a lot of bonhomie on the streets but a very visible discrimination against migrants/ tenants from the old residents of the colony, a symptom common to developing urban cities. Using two whimsy safety pins as binders between the different kinds of people in the different homes of Maqtha, Swathi&Vijay leave another impactful message on the streets.
‘Untitled’ by SadhuX, 2017 — The Urban Kancha holding an arrow in the pink lane is in search of target or a mission of life ...how to find happiness in this chaotic urban jungle...
‘Untitled’ by Karuna Sukka, 2017 — For the #Maqthaartdistrict, Karuna paints in the pink lane. She comments on the loss of environment, giving way to an urban concrete jungle, as was the case for where Maqtha now stands. This mural is her gentle reminder to plant more trees and flowers around the city, letting them be a part of our lives in this manner.
‘Untitled’ by Shiva & Ranga, 2017 — While artists Shiv and Ranga faced a delay for their planned mural, they made a quick impromptu work within half an hour for the Pink Gully at the #maqthaartdistrict. Composed of elements inspired by popular visuals of the locality, the animated school-bag carrying pigeon comes with the simple message of ""educate the child"".
‘The Elemental Rays’ by Delphine Delaz, 2017 — Delphine Delas painted a mural at the Maqhta Art District depicting the organic invasion of plants. She shows nature taking back its space in our dense urban areas. The mural is an abstraction of nature and its motives and is also reminiscent of Islamic art. The white and pink lines of perspective pursue the rays of the sun, which punctuate the composition with floral forms.
‘Untitled’ by Hoozinc, 2017 — Adopting a sketch-like approach, Hoozinc tried to re-imagine the entire green gully in Maqtha Art District in ways to bring the inside to the outside, dissolving the boundary between the real and the imaginary. With elements such as flower pots hanging outside of the balconies, ornate railings and street side benches, the artists spoke with the house owners to re-imagine the houses with them.
‘Bloom’ by Raghav Bhalla, 2017 — Raghav for the #maqthaartdistrict painted a mural where he has created a play between line and color. He is inspired by a child-like appreciation for forms, he integrates the beautiful chaos of Maqtha into his frame of work.
‘HUMANISM’ by Swati & Vijay, 2017 — In the heart of Maqtha, at the top of a tall building nested between the main market and the Mosque, Swathi&Vijay bring attention to a crucial question. Are we just human without humanity? At a spot where a large number of people passes by on a daily basis, they aim to capture their attention and trigger awareness about how we behave. Painted in a Trompe-l'œil technique, the artists create a false wallpaper which seems like it is falling over the last syllable of the work cutting the word 'Humanity' into 'Human'. The richness of the gold, the patterns and the color palette insist on the richness of what we are if we preserve humanity.
‘Untitled’ by Ritika Thalla, 2017 — Ritika in her mural depicts various elements like trees that symbolize a fresh start in life, positive energy, good health and a bright future. The children standing / dancing together depict unity among the locals who belong to diverse religions, and the birds depicted as books stand for the knowledge that gives one wings to achieve whatever they wish for in life. Having painted on the boundary wall of a government school, her painting holds special significance in the #maqthaartdistrict
‘Untitled’ by Artez, 2016 — (Photos: Pranav Gohil, Naman Sariya, Akshat Nauriyal)
‘Reflection’ by Avinash and Kamesh, 2016 — (Photos: Pranav Gohil)
‘Taking the piss out of the guys taking a piss’ by Daan Botlek, 2016 — (Photos: Akshat Nauriyal)
‘Unusual Usual’ by Do&Khatra, 2016 — (Photos: Pranav Gohil)
‘Untitled’ by Alber, 2016 — (Photos: Naman Saraiya, Akshat Nauriyal)
‘Untitled’ by Jean Luc Feugeas, 2016 — (Photos: Pranav Gohil, Akshat Nauriyal)
‘Untitled’ by Nikola Mihajlović, 2016 — (Photos: Pranav Gohil, Naman Saraiya, Akshat Nauriyal)
‘Untitled’ by Nilesh, 2016 — (Photos: Naman Saraiya)
‘Coo’ by Sattired, 2016 — (Photos: Naman Saraiya, Akshat Nauriyal)
‘FOMO’ by Swati & Vijay, 2016 — (Photos: Naman Saraiya, Pranav Gohil)

Emerging Artists of Telangana

‘Untitled’ by Hoozinc, 2016 — (Photos: Pranav Gohil)
‘Untitled’ by Varun Vedavyas, 2016 — (Photos: Pranav Gohil)
‘Untitled’ by Bharath Sayam, 2016 — (Photos: Pranav Gohil, Akshat Nauriyal)
‘Untitled’ by Priyanka Aelay, 2016 — (Photos: Pranav Gohil)

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