Art District

Maqtha Art District

India's third open-air public art district lies in the city of Hyderabad's MS Maqtha neighbourhood.

The neighbourhood is an urban village located on the banks of the city’s iconic Hussain Sagar Lake. Maqtha is home to an extremely close-knit working class community with a high population density, with several residents involved in the crafts of block-printing and saari-making.

As part of our first festival in the area in 2016, Maqtha hosted 5 international and 6 Indian artists. By the end of the project, the area was home to a walk-through art district open for all, additions to which were made during subsequent festivals - with 16 artists creating artworks in 2017 and 3 international artists adding pieces in 2019.

Artists at work, Maqtha Art District, 2016 - 2019


Celebrating the best international and emerging artists from India, the first edition of the St+art Hyderabad festival led to the initiation of the Maqtha Art district in 2016. 8 artworks were created in the neighbourhood as a way to introduce the residents to our process.

Lineup artists included:

Alber | Nilesh | Do & Khatra | Daan Botlek | Artez | Nikola | Swathi & Vijay | Sattired | Avinash and Kamesh

Alber Akshat Nauriyal
Artez Maqta Start Hyd 2016 3
Nikola Maqta Start Hyd 2016 5
Daan Botlek Maqta Start Hyd 2016 5
Do Khatra Maqta Start Hyd 2016 7
Avinash And Kamesh Maqta Start Hyd 2016 8
Nilesh Artist Maqta Start Hyd 2016 1
Swathi And Vijay Maqta Art Dist Start Hyd 2016 6
Coo By Sattired Akshat Nauriyal

Artworks created in Maqtha Art District, 2016


We returned to Maqtha in 2017, with a bigger lineup of artists to build the art district further.

Being an urban village, Maqtha had no signage, making it a difficult task to navigate the densely populated neighbourhood.
In the 2017 edition, we color-coded the lanes, as a way to create visual markers for people to follow and find their way through the neighbourhood.

Walls in different blocks were painted in solid colours - which then led to the Green Gully (lane), the Blue Gully, the Turquoise Gully, the Pink Gully and the Yellow Gully respectively. Artists created works in these ‘gullies’, in sync with their base colours.

Lineup artists included:

Delphine Dellas | Daksha | Nandita Ratan | Raghav | Hoozinc | Swathi & Vijay | Shiv & Ranga | Harith Puram | Sundar Sukka | Karuna Sukka | Saadhu X | Varun Vedvyas | Abhedya Bhagwan | Avinash and Kamesh | Ritika Thalla

Untitled Hoozinc 3 Pranav Gohil
Bloom Raghav Bhalla 5 Pranav Gohil
Nandita Maqtaartdistrict Reveals Pranavgohil 20
Machli Nandita 2 Pranav Gohil
Untitled Karuna Sukka 2 Pranav Gohil
In The Heart Of Maqta Varun Vedavyas 1 Pranav Gohil
Realsurreal Avinashkamesh 10 Pranav Gohil
Delphine Maqta Artdistrict Reveals Pranavgohil 18
Saadhux Pinkgully Maqtaartdistrict 2018 Reveals Pranavgohil
Harithpuram Maqtaartdistrict 2018 Reveals Pranavgohil 5
Daksha Turquoise Lane Reveals Pranavgohil 18
Hoozinc Blue Plaza Maqta Artdistrict Reveals  Pranavgohil 1
Hoozinc Green Gully Maqtaartdistrict2017 Pranavgohil 8
Saadhux Maqtaartdistrict 2018 Reveals Pranavgohil 3
Shivarangaa Pink Lane Maqtaartdistrict 2018 Reveals Pranavgohil
Swathi Vijay Maqtaartdistrict 2018 Reveals Pranavgohil 1
Swathi Vijay Pink Lane Maqtaartdistrict 2018 Reveals Pranavgohil 3
Abhedya Blueplaza Reveals Pranavgohil

Additions made to the Maqtha Art District on color-coded walls in 2017


To continue building the public art gallery, we returned to the area in 2019 with three international artists, including Rouge from France, Ness Lee from Canada and Manolo Mesa from Spain.

Manolo Reveals Start Hyd 2019 Pranavgohil 7
Manolo Reveals Start Hyd 2019 Pranavgohil 24
Ness Lee Reveals Start Hyd 2019 Navneeth 2
Ness Lee Reveals Start Hyd 2019 Pranav Gohil 9
Rouge Reveals Start Hyd 2019 Pranavgohil 17
Rouge Reveals Start Hyd 2019 Pranavgohil 4

Maqtha Art District, 2019