Rain Basera/Night Shelters

Our first project of 2015 started with work on the night shelters set up in Delhi for homeless across the city, known as रैन बसेरा.There are over 220 night shelters, made with corrugated tin sheets, which provide some respite from the bitter cold of Delhi winters. We did our bit to add colour to रैन बसेरा and worked on two of the night shelters.

Crochet Installation Olek 5 Pranav Mehta

A key project in this festival was the crochet installation made by Polish artist Olek who worked with women groups and volunteers to create a 90km long fabric installation which was mounted on top of a homeless shelter in Sarai Kale Khan.

Crochet artist Olek is well known for her interventions in public spaces that shed light to often hidden and forgotten objects in the world around us.

‘Crochet Installation’ by Olek, 2015 — For the 2015 festival, Olek worked with 60 women from various groups over a period of 3 weeks to create a fabric installation which was mounted on the facade of the Sarai Kale Khan homeless shelter. The installation adorned the shelter for 2 weeks and used 90 kms of fabric which was up-cycled from various designers across the city. (Photos: Akshat Nauriyal and Pranav Mehta)

Workshop with Olek

We held a workshop one weekend for people who wanted to contribute to the project and were delighted to see such a diverse group of people, between the ages of 20 and 60, come forward and help. Here volunteers learned how to fold fabric, and cut cloth in a certain way which facilitates them to make a loop- which can then be used to crochet.

Stills from the workshop

PCO and Painter Shabbu were the artists who had also contributed for the St+art 2015 project of Rain Basera/Night Shelters.

Untitled Pco 1 Pranav Mehta


Through the project the foundation aimed at bringing visibility to the novel project started by the government to provide shelter for homeless people, who suffer the most through the harsh winters.

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