St+art Delhi 2015

For its second edition in Delhi, the St+art team decided to spread the project across the city, as opposed to focus on one locality.

The aim was on creating a connectivity between very different sites of the capital, reaching out to a diverse population from North to West, from the center to the South. The Azadpur Mandi - North Delhi - one of the biggest vegetable and fruit markets in Asia and the posh Khan Market have been linked through Urban Art masterpieces which along with others starred as the landmark of the city in form of a fluid interconnected canvas.

Azadpur Mandi (market) in North Delhi is Asia's largest fruit and vegetable market and a main source of the city’s produce.

‘Zindgi’ by Axel Void, 2015 — Axel Void, Alejandro Hugo Dorda Mevs, had always been strongly influenced by classical paintings and drawing from an early age. For St+art Delhi 2015, he painted his rendition of one of the most recurrent themes of classical painting - still life. Axel wanted to paint a mural that spoke about life in the market, and the livelihoods of the people who visit the space everyday. The wall he painted was of a building known as the Delhi Cold Storage, a massive refrigeration unit and was titled “िजंदगी”/ “ZINDAGI” (Life), part of his ongoing series ‘Mediocre’. (Photos: Akshat Nauriyal and Pranav Mehta)

INTI's final piece titled 'Balance' is a take on the relationship between contrasting spaces which still share similar cultural history. This artwork was done on at Khirki Extension.The place itself presents a blaring contrast to the Meccas of commerce known as shopping malls, that lie across the road from it. Located at a junction with a lot of traffic within the village, several people's attention was drawn to the work happening in their neighborhood, causing minor snags in traffic.

‘Balance’ by Inti Castro, 2015 — INTI draws his characters, constant in all his pieces, as a blend of all things Chilean - the Incans, the tribesmen, the peasants, the Catholics and the revolutionaries, but with a strange mutant-like eeriness. (Photos: Akshat Nauriyal)

"This image is a hypothetical mixture of two distant lands. Even if there isn’t any direct relationship between them, they both have an essence and a cultural history which is colorful, festive and religious, where the power of belief and love goes beyond rationality."

- Inti Castro
‘Untitled’ by Joao Samina, 2015 — Joao Samina, from Portugal, uses stencil techniques with other art elements from his own roots in street art, graphic design, painting and architecture. Joao was here in India for St+art Delhi with support from the Portuguese Embassy Cultural Centre, New Delhi and worked at the entrance of Hauz Khas Village. (Photos: Pranav Mehta)

Okuda, who was in India for the second time for St+Art, at work in Khan Market at the Lok Nayak Bhawan. This is a three decade old building of the government.

‘Day & Night. You & You’ by Okuda, 2015 — This artwork is composed of geometric prints and multicolored ephemeral architectures that help blend with grey bodies and organic forms. These pieces often raise contradictions about existentialism, the universe, the infinite, the meaning of life, and the false freedom of capitalism. (Photos: Pranav Mehta and Akshat Nauriyal)

Rukkit is a street artist from Thailand. His technique is mainly stencil and he uses it to create figurative images, above all, animals, constructed by intricate and colorful geometrical patterns. Recently he has started bringing his art out of the walls using 3D sculptures for public spaces with his unique style.

‘Untitled’ by Rukkit, 2015 — Animals and birds are a recurring theme in Bangkok based street artist Rukkit's work. His piece, on a wall at CP outer circle, opposite H block Parking, during St+art Delhi 2015 brings to mind the old fable about the thirsty crow and the pitcher. (Photos: Pranav Mehta)

Wall mural painted by Rukkit at Gol Market Sub Station (near Nirula's), Outer Circle, CP.

‘Untitled’ by 1010, 2015 — Inspired by the ancient Hindu architecture and "The Fractal Brain Theory" by Wai H. Tsang, German street artist 1010 created this portal at the School of Planning and Architecture during St+art 2015. The colours articulate each perceptual level, guiding the public's gaze from the inside to the entrance of the portal and vice versa. (Photos: Pranav Mehta)

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