Around the City

St+art x India Art Fair 2020

India Art Fair is a leading platform to discover modern and contemporary art from South Asia. As a continuing partnership with the Fair, we hosted a series of collateral events as part of their official programming in 2020, alsong with curating the design of their pavilions with artist Sameer Kulavoor.

A range of experiences spread across the city of New Delhi, the program included performances, installations and talks over four days.

Events included:

- ‘An Evening in Lodhi’ - a unique public arts event composed of performances, in collaboration with French Institute in India

- ‘India Unfiltered’ - An immersive audio visual installation, in collaboration with and at Space10, with support from Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia

- The ‘Travelling Photo Studio’ by Hanif Kureshi and Jyotindra Jain, produced as part of Serendipity Arts Festival 2019

- The curation of the design for the pavilions’ facades of India Art Fair 2020

An Evening in Lodhi, Lodhi Colony

Bringing artists from different disciplines together, ‘An Evening in Lodhi’ was a unique experiential art program which took place on 30th January in Lodhi Colony. While French artist & choreographer Ali Salmi performed a 40-minute choreographed piece with beatboxers Sonu and Faiz at the iconic Lodhi Bridge - taking and bringing dance to places unheard of before, French artist collective ‘Les Souffleurs Commandos poétiques’ surprised the spectators with their one of a kind poetic production. Post the performances, we also conducted short night tours with torches of the Lodhi Art District, shaping a unique experience of the murals.

India Unfiltered, SPACE10, Chatarpur

A collaboration between new media artists, Akshat Nauriyal (India) and Marc Lee (Switzerland), ‘India Unfiltered’ was an immersive audio-video installation which sought to showcase the influence of digital accessibility and understand its impact on public consciousness, visual aesthetics, and identity structures. Created with incredible support from SPACE10 and the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, the installation was open for public viewing across the four days of IAF’20. On the penultimate night of exhibition, the artists also held an interactive round of discussion around ‘India Unfiltered’ and the increasing virtuality of things.

Design for the pavilions’ facades, NSIC Ground, Okhla

Curated by St+art India Foundation, visual artist Sameer Kulavoor also created the design adorning the opening facade of India Art Fair 2020. Titled ‘This is Not Still Life’, Kulavoor’s design engaged with rapid vertical urban development and change, through commonly seen street-side temporary arrangements of objects. Kulavoor had meticulously documented and studied objects he chanced upon on the streets, before painting them in detail without following a specific arrangement. Through his design, he also sought to celebrate the “everyday man” and their creativity.

The Travelling Photo Studio, NSIC Ground, Okhla

Also present at the India Art Fair was artist Hanif Kureshi and Prof. Jyotindra Jain’s Travelling Photo Studio which sought to familiarise today’s youth with an aesthetic sense and a cultural phenomenon from India’s past. One booth out of the Studio’s original three was set up at IAF, allowing visitors to reminisce a world in which creating an image was a rare and time-consuming enterprise.