Telangana Wall of Fame/ Kotta Wall

As part of St+art Hyderabad 2016, 13 artists native to the city were invited for a project on Hyderabad’s iconic Necklace road. The project was in continuation of our efforts to encourage local and traditional artists (and artforms) to reinvent themselves in public spaces while making them more interactive.

Complete with numerous restaurants and points for recreation, Necklace Road also offers good views of the city. Connected to several parks, the road is frequented by early morning joggers and is bustling in the evenings. The Necklace Road boulevard also houses People’s Plaza - one of Hyderabad’s more famous recreational centres and one that is busy throughout the year. Being hosted for the first time in Hyderabad, the boulevard served as the ideal setting to get the ball rolling for the 6th edition of the St+art festival.

Alongside Art @ Telangana and Krishnakriti Gallery, we did an open call-out for Telangana-based artists, out of which 13 were then invited to take over spots on the “Kotta Wall”/ “Telangana wall of fame”.

By the end of the project, the Maqtha boundary wall facing Necklace Road had sort of re-emerged with a series of diverse murals. Ranging from art professors and experienced professionals to amateurs who had never worked on walls before, the range of chosen artists was as diverse as their murals.