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The Lunar Dome

The Lunar Dome at Nehru Planetarium, Mumbai

Over the years, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) – the space agency of the government of India, has spearheaded several scientific breakthroughs, single-handedly placing India in an elite league of space faring nations. In November 2019, we collaborated with Asian Paints and Sideways Consulting to pay a tribute to ISRO’s exemplary work through a special project entitled ‘The Lunar Dome’ at the Nehru Planetarium in Mumbai.

The Planetarium, known for its extraordinary space installations and comprehensive roster of astronomy-related events hosts science enthusiasts regularly and thus served as the perfect setting for the project. Artists Sharad, Alam and Munir Bukhari worked over 10 days on a massive white dome on the Planetarium’s terrace to create a veritable ‘Moon in Mumbai’.

The final result was an acutely detailed snapshot of the moon, only this one was painted. While celebrating the work ISRO has done in the past, the Lunar Dome is also emblematic of all the future endeavors they have in store for us as a nation.