The Proverb Project



Mindful of the increasing communication gap between the young and older generations, in December 2017 St+art invited the Hand Painted Type Project to paint a series of proverbs from Goa, in Goa. Believing proverbs to be words of wisdom that are passed down generations through word of mouth, the project worked with local sign-painting artists and translated local proverbs into vibrant art pieces.

The Proverb Project presented an interesting opportunity to generate curiosity and initiate a dialogue between the young and the old. It served the additional purpose of helping revive sign painting as an artform, the use of which has dwindled since the advent of digital fonts.

The location(s) for the placement of said proverbs was as interesting as the proverbs. With a laid-back culture that isn’t complete without an afternoon siesta, one can see many closed shop shutters - some of them permanently closed, in the city. The closed shop shutters, a sight common across areas of Goa, then gave us an opportunity to use them as canvases for painting proverbs.