Around the City

Vidyut Bhawan

Artists at work at Vidyut Bhawan, Patna, October 2019

Patna's Vidyut Bhawan is a campus of offices of The Bihar State Power Holding Company Limited (BSPHCL) which is the government body that provides 24-hour electricity to the entire state of Bihar.

In October 2019, Vidyut Bhawan became the setting for the city's first tryst with urban arts. Artists Alaniz, Munir Bukhari and Johnson Singh worked on walls around the campus to create five large-scale murals centered on the themes of energy, power and ecology.

In recent years, under the Indian government’s initiative of building ‘smart cities’, the BSPHCL has built community spaces such as a library, an auditorium and a cafe within its campus to serve public interests. Within their larger framework, they are also investing in thermal power plants that contribute in supplying green energy to households in Bihar.

Engaging with the themes of energy and light, artworks for St+art Patna sought to both ignite conversations around a more sustainable power ecosystem as well celebrate the efforts of the BSPHCL in that regard.

Additionally, the Vidyut Bhawan project was made possible because of the Bihar government’s progressive and forward-thinking approach, which also allowed us situate street art at the center of a ‘smart city’.