All We Need Is Love



In December 2017, St+art returned to Jindal Mansion for the second time, working on the iconic Jindal Mansion for another thought-provoking installation.

Done in collaboration with one of the most celebrated fashion designers of the country, Manish Arora, the installation used almost 2,000 circular hoops of fabric, sourced from across the country, to weave a celebration of love. Guided by Arora’s philosophy of looking at things in a positive way the installation was titled “All We Need is Love”.

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Arora wanted a large audience to be able to reflect on his philosophy that formed the basis of the installation - that love connects us all and revives us as human beings. Situated amidst turbulent socioeconomic realities of the day, the installation aimed to encourage passers-by to stop and take notice of the beauty in the world, no matter how fleeting.

Manish Arora

The Jindal Mansion, which is seen by several thousand people everyday, provided the perfect location for the installation. Located on the posh and busy Pedder Road, the Mansion serves as the corporate office of the JSW Group, and its prime location gives it the advantage of being visible to thousands of Mumbai residents everyday.

With thousands of people passing by Jindal Mansion on a daily basis, we hope that through this installation we evoke emotions of love and peace.

- Manish Arora, designer and artist

A culmination of 6 months of ideation and the collective work of 35 artisans, the installation took around 3 months to be executed. Being all about joy, colour, and celebration, it entailed close to 2,400 pieces of cloth sourced from all over the country, both hand-embroidered and printed, being stitched together to create its final look.

St+art’s second installation at the all-white Mansion enamoured Mumbaikers just as much as its first. Continuing to pass on the message of love and joy, the installation stood in place for two weeks in December 2017.