Art Stations

Art Stations - BMRC Stations

During St+art Bangalore 2016, St+art’s ‘Art Stations’ project was extended to three metro stations in megacity Bengaluru. Walls inside and outside Majestic, Church Street and Cubbon Park metro stations were painted on to convert high footfall spaces into walk-through galleries. The aim was to provide a starting point for conversations to crores of people who commuted through these transit spaces every day.

Done in collaboration with the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation (BMRC), concepts for the artworks tried to encompass local narratives and the stations’ surrounding environments. The artists encapsulated the spirit, and history of Bengaluru in their murals, for them to resonate with the residents of the city.

Majestic Metro Station

Considered the nucleus of Bangalore transit, murals at the Kempegowda or Majestic metro station were created by artists Sameer Kulavoor and Appupen.

Mumbai-based Kulavoor worked on the outer walls of the metro station. In a bid to capture the essence of the station’s surroundings in his piece he went on a recce of the area along with local children, and his assistants. While exploring the neighbourhood, he found inspiration at a crowded local market. His final piece depicted two big magnets drawing in a variety of things - from people and objects to vehicles and words. They intended to symbolically reproduce chaos, as witnessed in the market and at the metro station.

The magnet is symbolic of the site and how it attracts a wide range of people for different reasons - be it commerce, culture or chaos. The density of people, architecture and things reduce as we move further away from the site itself.

- Sameer Kulavoor, artist

Native to Bangalore, artist Appupen worked on walls inside the metro station. Being a comic book artist, Appupen chose to narrate the past, present and future of Bengaluru through panels he painted across the metro station.


Church Street Metro Station

The Church Street metro station mural was created by artist Inkbrushnme, who drew a piece in an attempt to provide visual relief to passers-by.

While walking around the station area, the artist observed people’s conversations and sensed a lot of “depression and sadness in the air”. This prompted him to research the idea of using art as a remedy for despondency. He worked with the idea of creating a simple mural on a complicated surface - that of MG Road metro station. Relying on conceptual simplicity, as opposed to stylistic simplicity, the artist tried to steer clear of heavy abstraction and created a piece that would work well to provide visual relief to onlookers.

Artez Cubbon 2

Cubbon Park Metro Station

Bengaluru’s Cubbon Park is located in the heart of the city and is known as its lungs. Abundant in flora and fauna, the park was created in 1870 covering an area of 100 acres which has now grown to about 300 acres. The Cubbon Park metro station is located a few metres away from one of the entrances to the park.

Equipped with the rich history of the station’s surroundings, Serbian artist Artez chose to represent what happens in the park on walls inside the station, using local animals and flora of the region in his piece.

Meanwhile, French artist Remed observed several people in the park practicing yoga across the day, and saw the park as a communal space of gathering and activity. Working on the exterior of the metro station, Remed painted in his definitive style, with abstract colour forms depicting people engaged in spiritual pursuits. This was painted on a water coolant across the Station.