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Hauz Khas Village

Hauz Khas Village is a bustling, upmarket district in South Delhi which is a hub of cultural activity in the city. Until a few years ago, it was yet another urban village. But years of gentrification have led to it becoming one of the most popular hangouts in New Delhi. During St+art Delhi 2014, as work continued in Shahpur Jat, HKV was activated with interventions by some amazing local and international artists.

‘Spiritual Capitalism Totem’ by Okuda, 2014 — Okuda works with multi-colored geometric shapes and figures, to establish surrealists pieces that raise contradictions between modern existence and societal roots.
Untitled Anobond 1
Untitled Alina 1
Untitled Okuda 2
Champagali Bond 1
Bond 4
Hkv Bond 2
Hkv Bond 1
Champagali Bond 2

Artworks created in and around Hauz Khas by artists Alina, Bond, Ano and Okuda, 2014

Over the last two decades, HKV has been an integral part of the Graffiti movement of New Delhi. A vacant lot within the market is well known as the ‘Wall of Fame’ among graffiti writers, having become a must-visit site for local and travelling artists to leave a tag behind.

Since no project in Hauz Khas Village is complete without working on the ‘Wall of Fame’, Polish artist M-city worked on two massive facades of the vacant lot. Acknowledging all the paint wars the walls had seen over the years, M-City decided to make two huge paint tanks splattering each other with paint bombs as a symbol of the ever-continuing color conflict that takes place on the 'wall of fame'.

‘Untitled’ by M-City, 2014 — M-City is a Poland-based stencil artist who works on larger-than-life projects. His piece at Hauz Khas Village depicts two huge tanks firing paint balls at each other. This unoccupied plot forms a graffiti pilgrimage for the writers that visit Delhi. Scaffolding used was massive and reminiscent of the Pyramids. The evident industrial influence in the artist's work is drawn from the architecture and seaports back home. These majestic works are signature of the Polish artist M-city. He has managed to capture beauty in the brutality of industries and machines.