#WIP : The Street Art Show

वर्क इन प्रॉग्रेस शो

WIP was hosted in the unconventional space of Inland Container Depot (ICD-TKD) between Sunday, 31st January and Sunday, 11th March 2016. St+art India, in collaboration with Container Corporation of India (CONCOR,) aimed to activate the same dynamic of the previous shows by reinventing a space unknown to the general public and opening the gate to a hidden and vibrant part of the city.

Spread across 55 acres in Tughlakabad, ICD is the largest dry port in Asia. It is an intense space both for its environmental characteristics and its activities. On a daily basis it handles 2,000 containers and sees 10,000 employees working in the space, making it one of the busiest areas in the city. 31,200 square feet of ICD was transformed into a walk-through installation by using 100 shipping containers, 1,000 liters of paint and 20,000 working hours by 25 national and international artists.

Wip Opening 12 Photo By Akshat Nauriyal
‘Cosmic Egg’ by Agostino Lacurci, 2016 — (Photos: Akshat Nauriyal, Arjun Bhasin)
‘Bali’ by Amitabh Kumar, 2016 — (Photos: Arjun Bhasin, Naman Saraiya)
‘Fruits of Childhood’ by Anpu Varkey, 2016 — (Photos: Naman Saraiya,)
‘Going Bananas’ by Lek&Sowet, 2016 — (Photos: Arjun Bhasin, Akshat Nauriyal)
‘Original Aboriginal’ by Reko Rennie, 2016 — (Photos: Naman Saraiya)
‘Matruka’ by Inkbrushnme, 2016 — (Photos: Akshat Nauriyal)
‘Contain’ by Ullas Hydoor, 2016 — (Photos: Shijo George, Akshat Nauriyal)
‘See Through/See Beyond’ by Nevercrew, 2016 — (Photos: Akshat Nauriyal)
‘Exotic Pictograms’ by Dwa Zeta, 2016 — (Photos: Akshat Nauriyal)
‘Callligraffiti’ by Shoe, 2016 — (Photos: Arjun Bhasin, Naman Saraiya)
‘Mirage’ by Borondo, 2016 — (Photos: Akshat Nauriyal, Naman Saraiya)
‘1 Globe And 11 Alto Cars’ by Gaia, 2016 — (Photos: Akshat Nauriyal)
‘Raja Band’ by Do&Khatra, 2016 — (Photos: Pranav Gohil, Arjun Bhasin)
‘Apsara (Composition 4)’ by Chifumi, 2016 — (Photos: Arjun Bhasin)
‘Banana’ by Painter Shubhu, 2016 — (Photos: Naman Saraiya)
‘Look Over’ by Lucangelo BT, 2016 — (Photos: Arjun Bhasin, Akshat Nauriyal)
‘Omnia Videns, Seeing All’ by Senkoe, 2016 — (Photos: Akshat Nauriyal)
‘Temple of Graffiti’ by Harsh Raman, 2016 — (Photos: Pranav Gohil, Naman Saraiya, Akshat Nauriyal)
‘Untitled’ by Swen, 2016 — (Photos: Arjun Bhasin)
‘BREATHE’ by Daku, 2016 — (Photos: Shijo George)
‘The House is Black’ by Nafir, 2016 — (Photos: Shijo George)
‘The Revolution will be painted’ by Tyler, 2016 — (Photos: Naman Saraiya, Akshat Nauriyal)
‘This is nowhere to go but everywhere’ by Hendrick ECB, 2016 — (Photos: Akshat Nauriyal)

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