Art District

Lodhi Art District

In January 2016, 30 renowned street artists from across the world had been invited by St+Art India Foundation to create the first art district of India. Lodhi colony became an open air gallery and a landmark within the city.

The colony, centrally located and easily accessible, is a govt. housing estate built in the late 1940’s by the British Raj. It exists today at walking distance from major landmarks such as Lodhi Garden, Nehru Stadium and India Habitat Centre. Its striking facades blend Indian architectural context to European influences, thus served as perfect canvases for the murals.

The project built a sense of community pride, encouraged maintenance of the neighborhood, enhance its visual identity while putting it into the global map. In a city with limited public spaces, Lodhi has become a public space open to everyone under the motto of #artforall

A glimpse of some artworks

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