Art Districts

Panjim Art District

In December 2017, St+art arrived in Goa for the first time to begin work in what is now India’s fourth public art district - the ‘Panjim Art District’ in Goa’s capital city of Panaji. While the first festival saw works by 4 Indian and international artists, subsequent editions of St+art Goa saw the creation of 10 more pieces on various facades across Panjim.

Today, the 14 pieces together reflect not only the artists’ unique readings of the city but spread across the town-center depict the story of Goa visually.


In the very first edition of St+art Goa, Indian artists Do & Khatra and Parag Sonaghare, along with international artists Curiot + Romina (Pelagato Astral) and Guido Van Helten, all created pieces inspired by their interpretations of Goa’s distinct culture using individual approaches. Painted on key buildings spread across the town-center of Panjim, these murals aimed to instigate introspective, visual-led conversations in regions they were located.


In December 2018, international artists Okuda, Fintan Mcgee and Miles Toland created three new pieces in the art district. Interestingly, all three pieces featured a use of the technique of portraiture, albeit in the artists’ highly individual styles. Inspiration for all subjects came from local Goans the artists interacted with during the course of their stay in the city.


The most recent edition of the festival included the most number of artworks at one stretch, with 6 artists of 4 different nationalities working through the month of December 2019 to create pieces which put Goa’s cultural identity at the forefront. While a few pieces engaged with Goa’s constantly shifting identity as a hugely popular tourist destination, others celebrated its vibrancy, Portuguese heritage, marine economy and its multifaceted geological identity.