'Sport Doesn't Care'

On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2020, St+art India Foundation, in collaboration with Adidas Originals and Asian Paints inaugurated a unique urban arts intervention vouching for more inclusion in the arena of sports.

New Delhi-based artist Khatra created a typographic artwork proclaiming 'Girls = Boys' on the basketball court of Mumbai’s St. Andrews College.

The initiative was part of the ‘St+art Courts’ which seeks to enliven public playgrounds in the country with urban contemporary art interventions. While providing a means to create inclusive art that reaches a wide audience, St+art Courts also seek to further sportsmanship and community building.

Work in Progress with New Delhi-based artist Khatra, Mumbai 2020

The choice of colours in Khatra's piece alludes to the stereotype of ‘blue’ for boys and ‘pink’ for girls, precisely to serve as a reminder of the need to break away from it, as colour, just like sport, inherently does not discriminate. The labels and tags we give to people and things as human beings do.

The stencil of ‘Sport doesn’t care’ on the side of the court also reinstates the guiding thought of the piece, highlighting that in sport, all that matters is skill and hard work.

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'Sport Doesn't Care', St. Andrews College, Mumbai, March 2020